Our vision is the full decarbonization of mobility. We seek to maintain an environmental balance throughout the entire powertrain life cycle: raw material extraction, production, operation, and recycling. This vision relies on combustion engines and fuel cell systems that are designed for maximum efficiency and powered by carbon-neutral fuels. Air management has a key impact on the system efficiency and customer acceptance of modern automotive powertrains. This is why it is a major pillar of our activities.


Creativity in dealing with problems is important for generating brilliant ideas. But ideas are not an end in themselves; real solutions come only from focused implementation. And that’s what sets us apart: our tight focus as we identify approaches in a concept phase and turn them into concrete solutions. We take the obstacles we encounter along the way seriously, but view them in a more positive light as challenges. We don’t shy away from taking unusual paths off the beaten track. The trust in our problem-solving ability and implementation power is the core of our philosophy.

Core Competencies

Our expertise lies in how we connect profound turbomachinery knowledge, turbocharged engine system analysis, and well-established methodology. Based on our many years of experience, we provide industry-recognised know-how in matching turbocharging systems with internal combustion engines and fuel cells in due consideration of all relevant boundary conditions. Since the 1990s, we have been located at our site in Mellingen, Switzerland along with our hot gas test benches, which we developed in-house for testing turbocharging systems. Accuracy and precision are the hallmarks of our brand.


sa-charging solutions AG has its roots in swissauto Wenko AG, founded in 1987. With its downsizing and turbocharging approaches, it took on a leading role in resource-efficient mobility throughout the 90s. For example, the company built the SmILE concept car in 1996. Not only was this the first 3-liter car to receive TÜV approval, but it also won an OECD award for innovative technologies for sustainable mobility. As we continue to pursue swissauto’s development approaches, we are committed to efficiency improvements and see great potential in sustainable mobility.

Efficiency Improvements through Recuperation


Swiss Location

Our headquarters are located in Mellingen, a town close to the city of Baden in the canton of Aargau, some 30 kilometers from Zurich. Here we focus on design, prototyping, product manufacturing, and administration.We benefit greatly from the innovative environment around Baden, which has a long history in turbomachinery and is home to several reputable companies in this field.


German Location

Our site in Germany is located in the Stuttgart Engineering Park STEP, very close to the University of Stuttgart’s Vaihingen campus. Here we focus on the concept, layout, and design of turbomachines.With its proximity to the university and the strong automotive industry presence in the area, this location shortens the distance between ideas and products.



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